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The Amanda Schull [dot] Net Gallery is updated with the last two weeks of 12 Monkeys.

Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 111 “Shonin”
Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 112 “Paradox”

Colleen   Apr 6, 2015

Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 109 “Tomorrow”
Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 110 “Divine Move”

Colleen   Mar 25, 2015

The first season, which is still airing, was run by Natalie Chaidez who has her own series for Syfy, the upcoming Hunters from Universal Cable Prods and Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Productions. She is segueing to that, with Terry Matalas and Travis Fickett, who wrote the 12 Monkeys adaptation and served as co-executive producers on Season 1, named executive producers and showrunners. They are expected to bring in a strong No.2.

Atlas Entertainment’s Richard Suckle and the film’s producer Charles Roven will continue to executive produce with Atlas’ Jake Kurily producing for UCP.

12 Monkeys got off to a modest start in Live+same day rating with 1.35 million viewers for its January premiere but has been a DVR powerhouse, setting Live+3 lift records for Syfy (Its average L3 lift to date is 104%). The series’ Live+SD ratings also have been inching up after an initial drop, with the most recent episode on March 6 posting 1.5 million viewers, a 6% increase over the prior four weeks.


Colleen   Mar 12, 2015

We’ve added the last 3 episodes of 12 Monkeys to the Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery.

Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 106 “The Red Forest”
Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 107 “The Keys”
Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 108 Yesterday”

Colleen   Mar 8, 2015

Before your show premiered, people only knew the film version of 12 Monkeys – did the movie or Madeleine Stowe’s portrayal of Dr. Railly influence your performance?
“No, actually. I chose not to re-watch it before we shot the pilot, so I was just basing my character on who the writers and the creators had developed, and then my thoughts about it, and who she was and where we wanted her to go.

“Because while we have a lot of similarities in the initial pilot episode, the character is not the same person. Her relationships aren’t the same, her career is not the same and her life is not the same. There are some similarities with the story itself, but as far as my character goes, she’s quite dissimilar to the one in the original film.

“Where [the producers] wanted her to go – we have 13 episodes, whereas Madeleine only had 90 minutes and so we have the luxury of knowing where we go from A-Z and I have all of these letters in between that I need to fulfil and justify. If I were basing my character on someone that doesn’t have those experiences, it would be a totally random and weird thing.”

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Colleen   Feb 24, 2015

This week episode of 12 Monkeys are added to the gallery at Amanda Schull Dot Net.

Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 105 “The Night Room”

Colleen   Feb 16, 2015

New screencaps in the Amanda Schull dot Net Gallery from 12 Monkeys.

Amanda Schull Dot Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 104 “Atari”

Colleen   Feb 9, 2015

Amanda has a new interview up with IGN – you can read it HERE

Colleen   Feb 5, 2015

I have updated the Amanda Schull Dot Net Gallery with caps from the last two episodes of 12 Monkeys.

Amanda Schull Dot Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 102 “Mentally Divergent”
Amanda Schull Dot Gallery > 12 Monkeys > 103 “Cassandra Complex”

Colleen   Feb 1, 2015

Syfy UK has released the first trailer for their newest acquisition 12 Monkeys.

Penned by Terry Matalas & Travis Fickett, 12 Monkeys tells the story of a time traveller from a decimated future in a high-stakes race against the clock. Utilizing a dangerous and untested method of time travel, he journeys from 2043 to the present day on a mission to locate and eradicate the source of a deadly plague that will all but annihilate the human race.

The series, which is based on the feature film of the same name, was ordered by the US Syfy network back in April as part of their aggressive push back into scripted drama, which has seen them green-light such series as Dominion, Ascension and The Expanse.

It is produced by Universal Cable Productions and stars Aaron Stanford (Nikita), Amanda Schull (Pretty Little Liars), Noah Bean (Damages) and Kirk Acevedo (Fringe). Syfy UK acquired the series in December, after agreeing a deal with NBCUniversal International Television Distribution.


Colleen   Jan 31, 2015